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By 2030 one in every five Americans will be over the age of 65. Moreover, nearly 4 million Americans alive today have already celebrated their 85th birthday. These statistics suggest the reason that care and housing for the aging population are booming industries in the United States.
A generation ago, people who were no longer able to care for themselves went to live with relatives or moved into a nursing home. Those options still exist today. (Currently, nearly 23 million Americans are caring for an aged relative or friend.) According to the Census Bureau, however, the number of parents living with children has actually declined over time, and fewer elderly in this country live in nursing homes than is commonly supposed.

STATS AND FACTS: According to the National Institute on Aging, only 5% of Americans age 65 and over live in a nursing home at any given time, and only 30% of all Americans will spend any time in a nursing home.

Today there are many new housing and care options for the elderly, including hiring in-home help, offering room and board in our homes in exchange for help, or simply living with housemates.

STATS AND FACTS: There are nearly 400 nonprofit shared-housing projects around the country. In shared housing, two or more people share an apartment or a house. Each has a private bedroom, and they share common living areas and such chores as cleaning, shopping, and meal preparation. Shared households occur naturally when friends decide to pool resources and lend mutual physical, financial, or emotional support to one another. In addition, some local government agencies sponsor shared housing projects for elderly clients.

Home care can mean having someone live in to provide care or having someone come in to perform various services. Nearly 6 million Americans have some kind of home care, and many of these home-care providers are found through an agency or care manager. Search more information >>

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